Are You Ready To Fill Your Therapy Diary, Help More People And Make More Money in 2015?

Dear Fellow Therapist

How’s the start of 2015 been for you?.... Has it been a Happy New Year so far? Are you busy booking in new clients?

Have you had the chance to reflect on 2014? Did you honestly make a big difference to your business over the last 12 months?....

Or are you.....

  • Still not getting enough committed clients willing to pay your proper fees?
  • Lying awake at night wondering how to get those clients?
  • Finding marketing your practice stressful, confusing and disheartening?
  • Treating your therapy practice more as a hobby than a business?
  • Feeling ‘icky’ and uncomfortable about selling your therapy services?
  • Are passionate about what you do, but saddened that not enough people know you’re out there?
  • Self-sabotaging and always putting others needs before your own need to make your business work for you?
  • Having to do a day job to supplement your passion?
  • Working way too hard and too many hours for too little money?

If any of the above ring true for you... then you are not alone...

Earlier this year I read that just 3% of hypnotherapy training school graduates ever make a full time living from their incredible skills.

And that 97% of hypnotherapists are either (a) not interested in seeing clients and are just interested in hypnotherapy (b) treating their therapy practice as an expensive hobby or (c) wanting to build their practice and are frustrated it’s not happening.  (Okay, I understand some hypnotherapists only want to work part-time. And that is fine, but you can still help people and make a good living part-time… it doesn’t need to be struggle).

However... it doesn’t need to be like this...

sheila-press-tvOver the last 5+ years since I completed my initial training, I’ve built a very successful hypnotherapy practice seeing on average between 35-50 clients-a-week in a very deprived part of the UK (25% of households have never worked!!) .  I developed my ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ programme which has featured heavily in the press and radio (it’s even been on the telly both here in the UK and the USA) and I’ve had the pleasure of training hundreds of therapists in the technique.

During that time, what I’ve found is the difference between the therapists that ‘make it’ and those who don’t has little to do with their therapy training... but everything to do with how they market their services and run the business side of their practice.

The missing skillsets associated with running a business are literally killing thousands of potential successful therapy practices and those therapists’ dreams... and even worse.... potential clients are missing out on the therapy they need!

Over the years since I’ve been training other hypnotherapists.... I’ve noticed 3 major things that determine whether you’ll have a successful practice or not.

It’s not a magic formula... But 3 elements are Essential!

  • 1#: Great Therapy Skills

    If you’re reading this page, I’m taking it as a given that you already have the skills you need to be a competent therapist.

    We all have “wobbles” about whether we’re “good enough” or “can I really do this”, but I can assure you that if you have a hypnotherapy diploma already, you most certainly have the therapy skills you need to base your successful practice on. When I started, I only had a standard hypnotherapy diploma, and there were plenty more therapists out there with more qualifications than me!

  • 2#: Business & Marketing Skills

    This is where so many therapists struggle. Sadly the vast majority of hypnotherapy training schools include very little, if any, training on how to run a hypnotherapy practice.

    Many hypnotherapists complete their training and because they’ve never had to sell or market before, or run a business, they think the problem is not enough clients aren’t out there. THAT’S NOT TRUE.  The issue is missing skills.  Very few of us are born with sales, marketing and business skills… we have to learn.

    The good news is these necessary business skills are trainable. With the right sales, marketing and business know-how and implementation, you can have as many or few clients as you like.

  • 3#: Absolute Determination to Succeed

    The road to success is not linear. There will be hiccups along the way and it can be “messy” at times. Even if you have both the therapy and business skill set together, without the right attitude and determination little happens.   Mindset blocks will come up….. procrastination, worrying about asking for money, wanting to hide away from the world and allow clients to overstep boundaries to name a few. That is completely normal, particularly with what we do.

    Often people who previously had good careers struggle with succeeding in their hypnotherapy business and feel “icky” about asking for money to help someone or they find “selling themselves” rather than goods or more functional services very uncomfortable.

    If you are fully committed to making a good living helping others, and taking ACTION on that commitment, you will quite rightly so, be rewarded.

I want to help change that 3% success figure, and I’d be delighted to help you.

I’m just an ordinary women from the UK who decided to quit my old government job and create a successful 6-figure business helping people across the world overcome lifelong problems. I’m no more special or talented than you.   Which is why I know you can to create the successful therapy business you desire too!

You may need to learn new skills or adjust your mindset, but with the right training and support, it’s very achievable.

How do I know this?? Because I’ve helped many other therapists succeed businesswise too...

Don't just take my word for it. Find out what implementing my strategies and techniques has done for other therapists businesses...

Really good! I've done a lot of networking and been asked to host a women's networking to do a talk. Been too busy to do the press, as I've been too busy with clients! Based on last year's turnover, I would say I'm 10 x it. It's been really lucrative.

Adele Rawlinson
MindMasters, Manchester

All the sensible, no nonsense good advice and sharing of ideas and help from Sheila and Katie. Biggest learnings have been around how to deal with the media and all the useful ways to get into the press, using the community to promote yourself via charity events etc.

Vicky Etchells
Certified Hypnotherapist, Victoria, BC, Canada

Hve a look online.... Check out sheila granger, look for her programme wherever you can find it.  It's a great investment of your time and definitely your money.

Joslyn Gardiner
Life Architect, Speaker & Facilitator, Brisbane Area, Australia

Before we did the training with you we were contemplating a career change into another business; however the response has been phenomenal, and enabled us to continue with our passion of helping people through hypnotherapy.

Angelo & Susan Sette, Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

I was able to ditch my job, and the most clients that I've seen so far in a week was just short of 30 and I'm consistently hitting between 18-20 paying clients a week and it is all because of this course. Thank you Kate! Thank you Sheila.

Tamsin Cooper
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Bedfordshire

Got my first article in my local paper. V.v pleased!
This course has given me much more confidence as well as some great ideas. So am very grateful for that and I'm actually 'doing' what I think about doing!!

Dandy Kendall
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Bedfordshire

You Can Do It Too!

I know you’ve already got the therapy skills to succeed... But...

Ask yourself... could you benefit for help in the other two areas (business & marketing and determination to succeed)?

Business & Marketing Skills for Therapists

Over the years I’ve found that there are 7 Key Business Areas essential for running a successful, profitable therapy practice:

  • Planning & Creating Opportunities
  • (Personal) Branding
  • Media & Message
  • Community & Connection
  • Selling
  • Client Development
  • Support & Systems

Sadly many therapists feel “icky” and overwhelmed about many of these business areas, especially sales and marketing.

Without sales and marketing, quite simply you don’t get clients.  And without clients, you don’t help anyone or make money.... You may even have to resign yourself to the day job forever!

It really is time therapists got over avoiding the business of running a successful practice and started feeling good about sales and marketing. Because it’s those activities that make the dream happen... and then you get paid properly for helping others.

The Mindset to Succeed

As I mentioned above, ‘Absolutely Determination to Succeed’ is essential...

  • A Positive Mindset.... You’re either attracting clients... Or repelling them!
  • Implementation.... Success does not come from information gathering. It only happens when you put that information into action & implement it.
  • Support.... Surround yourself with people who are fuelling your dreams, not draining them

I’ll be the first to admit the journey can be tough without the knowhow or the support to guide you through the challenges and show you the shortcuts. (Trust me it saves A LOT of TIME & MONEY when you learn from others mistakes, not just your own).

The truth is you don’t have to do it alone. But you do need to be careful about who you choose to have around you.

Well-meaning friends and family rarely “get it” and don’t appreciate the challenges that come up running a business serving therapy clients.

Yes, we know there’s plenty of negative people within the hypnotherapy industry... you know the types... the ones who spend way too much time running other therapists down on forums and whingeing about lack of clients. [If only they’d spend as much time and effort on finding clients, they’d have a lot less to moan about!!].   I simply don’t entertain that kind of client-repellent-negatively.  And neither should you.

Make sure your MENTORS AND “TEAM MATES” that are there to celebrate your achievements and to have your back when times are challenging. Be with people who are willing to share with you their “SHORT-CUTS” and mistakes.

You need to surround yourself with people that actively want you to succeed – it  is essential to building your confidence.

'Plugging in these missing marketing & mindset gaps' is why I got together with my colleague, Katie Glen and we thought long and hard about the type of support we would want to help get more paying committed clients...

  • Up-to-date Marketing strategies that work in today’s marketplace
  • Selling skills and how to overcome “I can’t afford it” syndrome to solid bookings
  • How to deal with the “overwhelm” of too many things to do... too little time
  • Knowing which are the right steps to take next
  • Getting focused and avoiding “shiny new objects” that distract us from our goals
  • Having someone on our side and rooting for us
  • A friendly, supportive atmosphere where everyone is on the same team
  • Guidance from someone who’s already achieving the success we’d like too

We’ve taken ACTION on that thinking... and are ready to help you!

Just to be clear, I’m not offering to do it all for you.

BUT.... I will make the creating the therapy business you desire so much easier for you with monthly bite-sized tasks, explain in step-by-step detail exactly what you need to do and then help you make it happen...

Are you ready and committed? Okay, here’s how it’s going to work and what support you’ll be getting over the next 12 months....

Welcome to ‘Practice Acceleration’ MASTERMIND 2015

Full 12-months Support Building Your Successful, Sustainable & Profitable Hypnotherapy Practice

This is for you if:

  • You want the latest Client Attraction marketing strategies that are WORKING RIGHT NOW in 2014/5
  • You are new to business and need help setting up and finding your first clients
  • You are still working for someone else and need CLIENTS to make the BIG SWITCH
  • You already have some clients, but want to ramp up your client numbers and increase your profits
  • You are already in business, but would like finding clients to be easier and consistent
  • You are already successful but you want to be seen as an EXPERT and take your business to the NEXT LEVEL
  • You want to be coached and guided by an expert that can see 35-50 clients a week
  • You are prepared to follow guidance and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and ACTION for your success

This is NOT for you if:

  • You already have a thriving practice with all the clients you want, paying you the fees you desire and all your business systems are in place to make
  • You are uncoachable and unwilling to make changes to transform your business
  • You are not prepared to put in the necessary work
  • You prefer moaning about other therapists, rather than help more clients
  • You make excuses and not really that committed to helping others by building your practice
  • You don’t want to earn any more money!

HotTopic12 x Live Monthly “HOT-TOPIC” Masterclasses

with myself, Sheila Granger, Katie Glen and specialist business & marketing experts

Each month’s Masterclass is a time-efficient, concentrated mega-dose of ‘what works’ in advertising, marketing and sales for people just like you.

Please don’t underestimate how much of the hard work has already been done for you.

You don’t have to spend hours reading or listening to materials, invest thousands attending seminars or trainings, or put your own money on the line to try out new marketing techniques that don’t work in the therapy market.

Having personally built a successful hypnotherapy practice seeing 35-50 clients a week, a flagship weight loss programme, a successful business working within large organisations and an international training business and employing other therapists, I know exactly which marketing and sales techniques work to get therapy clients.

This makes it possible for me to deliver to you the ideas and techniques that you need to know right now. What I am able to pass on to you in this members’ group will save you thousands of pounds and / or years of hard work on your part, as I’ve already tested different marketing approaches.

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • Get Your Successful Therapy Business Planned and Mapped Out
  • Getting Your First Few Clients & Increasing Your 1-1 Client Base
  • Google Adwords
  • Social Media, Website Performance, SEO
  • Networking Like A Professional
  • Effective Sales Conversations & Sales Pitching
  • Getting The Press To Fall In Love With You
  • Making The Most Of The 'New Year, New You' Market
  • Developing Your Marketing Plan For 2015
  • Your Up Sell / Cross-Sell Plan
  • Getting Clients From Your Existing Client Base
  • Developing Your Niche
  • Talks and Presentations that Get Clients
  • Your requested topics - we'll also be asking you for what you want too!

Please note these calls are not a fluffy overview of each topic, but instead a detailed training with step-by-step instructions on what to do.

One  “HOT TOPIC” mastermind session each and every month.

action12 x Live Monthly “ACTION!” Sessions

with myself, Sheila Granger and Katie Glen

Information is nothing without IMPLEMENTATION. Info OVERLOAD is one of the biggest threats to taking action. When there’s too much to do, many people freak out and do nothing. I don’t want this to happen for you and I know exactly how to prevent inaction and avoidance.

When Kate and I ran the original LIVE Practice Acceleration group, the results our members achieve were fantastic... and we believe probably the biggest contributor to that success was the LIVE element and ongoing support from both Kate, me and the group.

This is why my specialist Therapy Business Mastermind focuses on ACTION.

Each month, we’ll get you focussed on implementing ONE NEW ACTIVITY that will build your business.  By focussing one thing at a time, you’ll avoid information overload, get support and actually get stuff done.  Obviously you can do more activity, but we’ll be helping you get them done, step-by-step.

Each month, Kate and I will run a monthly “ACTION” session to get you focussed on your personal “Key New Activity of the Month’, answering your questions on what you need to know to actually get it done and implemented, and individual “hot seat” coaching.

FOCUS & ACTION = RESULTS (i.e. more clients, more money).  If you’ve been procrastinating, in overwhelm or just not “getting on with it”, this session is for you.One 

One “ACTION!” session each and every month.

facebookPrivate Facebook Forum

24-7 Extra Support Resource Between LIVE Sessions

In between calls, you’ll be able to connect and network with Katie, me and other members via our online private Facebook Therapy Business forum.

Inspirational speaker Jim Rohn says that we are the average of the 5 people we spend most time with, so it’s important to surround yourself with people who are moving in the same direction as you.  Do not underestimate the power of association.

My online FACEBOOK NETWORKING forum will allow you to connect with people just like you who are SERIOUS about transforming their businesses in a very safe, non-judgemental space.

You’ll get support, encouragement and who knows what joint venture opportunities may arise by connecting with other like-minded members of this group. We have a very active group and it’s amazing to see how resources, ideas and encouragement is shared. Whatever business challenge you are facing right now, there’s a good chance that another member has the answer.

You'll have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to this private group as soon as you register.

partnerYour Personal Accountability Partner

To help you on your journey, you’ll also be assigned an ‘Accountability Partner’ from the 'Practice Acceleration Mastermind' group to keep you both on track, held to your promises to make 2015 your best year yet. This support is invaluable at keeps the process fun and, more importantly, you on track to achieve your goals.

replays (1)24hr Replays and Mp3 Recordings

Never Miss a Session

Can’t make a particular session date?  No problem. We send out replays of all our sessions within 24 hours of the LIVE training (and usually much quicker... within a few hours)

Plus you also get downloadable mp3 recordings and of each and every call emailed within 1 working day of the live call, so that you can download to your iPod, mp3 player or CD player so that you can go over the lessons again and again.

I don’t know about you, but I find I don’t pick up everything first time round and it takes a few listens to glean all the lessons and golden nuggets in the training.

Build up an invaluable resource library of reference materials for you to keep forever. 

Secure Your Place Today

and get the very best price and bonuses!

Okay, Sheila this sounds great... but how much is it going to cost me?

At the beginning of last year, my colleague, Katie and I ran a live 90 day ‘Practice Acceleration’ business coaching training. The results our students saw was impressive…. first time press articles, LEAVING JOBS, enjoying full-time practice.... and, of course, NEW CLIENTS!!

And I would be delighted to do the same for you.  This is why I have put together a very special ‘No-Brainer’ package for you to get started for the 'New Year….

PLUS.... because we want this to be super-easy for you to implement, we've put together a super-special BONUS package to accompany the 12 Month Mastermind (see below for all the details)... 

The wisest investment you could make this year...

Well, considering I’ll be sharing all my business secrets, which have helped me create a healthy 6-figure hypnotherapy business, in an easy-to-follow implementation plan... and...

Because we’re going to spend 12 full months with you on this special training where you get to make progress, complete exercises, and have small group discussions Katie and me, I’m sure you can guess I’m NOT giving this away!

Now, when we tried to price this, we thought about all the value you will get. We’re going to give you a workable plan to AT LEAST double your income this year. And I feel I am very well qualified to do so, because I’ve made the same breakthroughs in my own businesses and for other therapists. Not just once, but consistently.

But let’s look at this practically. It would cost you £300.00 to hire me for just ONE hour. Times that by 24 hourly sessions, that would be £7,200.00, and that would not include Kate and my other experts input, nor the additional between session support in our private forum.

When I told my successful business owner peers what I was offering in this mastermind and how much value you get, they said I was mad for “giving it away”.   I personally work with 3 business coaches at any given time and spend the same amount on my own coaching in the space of 2 weeks that we are offering this ANNUAL training for.

However, I’m committed to getting these ideas and strategies into YOUR hands, and we want to include as many people as possible.  We want this support to be very accessible and an easy no-brainer decision for you.

I know that if we charged as much as we’ve invested, it would price-out many of the people who actually NEED and WANT our help the most, which is why I’d like to give you this special support and training for a one-off very, very low investment price of just £497 (that works out at less than £42 a month)

So for the price of 1 client... you get a full 12 months of business, sales and marketing training & support... For the quality and level of support you’re getting... It’s quite frankly INCREDIBLE VALUE.

Can you afford not to do it? 

PLUS... Your Also Get All these Extra BONUSES...

I want to make it super-easy for you to implement all the strategies I'm sharing on this HYPNOTHERAPIST SPECIFIC business & marketing training. I also want to make this the BEST & EASIEST decision you'll ever make for your business, which is why if you join the "Practice Acceleration MasterMinders" today, I'll also be giving away the following EXTRA BONUSES...
  • BONUS 1#:

    Fast Start Business Planning Session

    fast-start» Bonus “Fast Start” business planning training
    » Get your plan done ready to start this year strong for the next 12 months
    » Available IMMEDIATELY for you to plan and implement this week

  • BONUS 2#:

    ‘GETTING CUSTOMERS:  Attracting More of the Lifeblood into Your Business’ worth £97

    Incl. Done-for-You JV Templates, Doctors & New Business Introduction Letters, Flyers, Promo CDs

    My brand NEW Step-by-Step guide to getting customers picking up the phone and coming through your door IMMEDIATELY and long-term


             »  My Brand New ‘Customer Getting’ manual

             »  Audio training support mp3  

     »  JV templates for getting the foot in the door with 

    > Doctors

    > Dentists

    > Sports Clubs

    > Chiropractors / Osteopaths

    > Other local businesses

    »  The JV CD that’s helped me developed PROFITABLE relationships with dentists  and chiropractors

    »  The weight loss FLYER that’s personally brought me £thousands of pound of new business…. for you to adapt to your market/service

  • BONUS 3#:

    ‘Your 30 Second Pitch’

    (Worth £27…. but getting this right is priceless)

    Do you regularly get business from networking? Are you super-clear about communicating what you do in networking meetings? If not, you need to get your message clear and sharp.

    Joining a networking group was probably the best thing I ever did to kick start and sustain my business. But there is no point networking if you’re not clear on what you sell, who you help and who you want to meet.  With a clear understanding of your business, or ‘pitch’, networking is far simpler, more enjoyable… and most importantly, EFFECTIVE.

    This FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS guide to creating with your 30 second pitch will help you stand out from the crowd, attract clients and invite JV (joint venture) partners.  Plus I’ve given you a 5 x examples of how to adapt your pitch, depending on your audience, including…

    »  Weight loss expertise

    »  Ideal referrals (celebrities / corporates)

    »  General hypnotherapy

    »  Asking for specific JV partners

    »  Sending a ‘stand-in representative’ pitch

Secure Your Place Today

and get the very best price and bonuses!

Yes, I want to attract all the paying clients I want by learning the exact same strategies Sheila has used to create a 35-50 client a week practice and I want all the Extra Bonus marketing materials to Support My Therapy Business in 2015 and beyond

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Secure Your Place Today with the one off payment of Just £497.

For less than the price of just one client, you can learn EXACTLY what I've done to create, build and sustain a busy 35+ clients a week practice

I want you to succeed too.  The market for our services is HUGE and UNTAPPED.... I'm not afraid of competition, simply because there are so many people who need our help.

Remember... I am teaching real content about what works in today’s current market.  Having built a 35-50 client a week practice and international hypnotherapist training reputation all in the space of less than 5 years, I know what works and what doesn't.

Don’t  miss out on this one off opportunity... I do hope you'll be joining me!

Keep Making a Difference




P.S.  Did you get all the committed paying clients you wanted over the last year?  If not, join me and make the decision to  change how you attract clients into your therapy practice forever! (Your can check out the testimonials of my Masterminders from the last 12 months to see how you can transform your therapy practice for the better too.)

P.P.S. Want to change your therapy practice for the better? You can get started today... be quick to secure your place and get going immediately x




Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to recent questions about the Mastermind, but if you have more, please drop me an email at

Q:  Is Practice Acceleration Mastermind right for me?

A:  Listen, I'm obviously biased but I firmly believe this is the BEST possible support, coaching and mentoring resource you can get for you and your therapy business. Here's why...

My practice marketing methods have been proven to get outstanding results time and time again. It's worked for established therapists and it's worked for people just getting started with no client base and no money. I'm telling you... you ABSOLUTELY CAN make build a practice seeing as many clients as you want... and start seeing results FAST.

DO NOT buy into the false belief that clients have no money or you need to invest £000s in advertising to get your business running on YOUR terms. It's much easier than you think.

Q:  I'm not available for the LIVE sessions. What can I do to get my question answered / access to the session?

A:  No problem! We'll be recording the whole thing and will send download links for the entire course soon after each session.

If you have a specific question for the live call, email me at 24 hrs before the live session and we'll do our very best to get it covered on the call.

Q:  How much will it cost me?

A:  If you secure your Mastermind place today, all of the above  is just £497.  That works out at around £42 a day, which is quite frankly a ridiculously low price for the huge amount of value you get... so be quick to get this fantastic deal and secure your bonuses.

Q:  What about the cost of advertising, websites etc?

A:  There are plenty of ways to get notice WITHOUT SPENDING money on advertising.  If you don’t yet have a website, it would be a good idea to get a simple site up and running, but you can get clients without it.  All the client-getting strategies in Practice Acceleration either cost NOTHING or very little!

Q. I’d love to do the course, but I don't think I can't afford it? 

Every business needs to spend on marketing, whether that is time or money.  What I'm giving you here is the short cuts, especially when you consider all the extra 'done-for-you-bonuses'.  Investing in this course is less than 1/4 price of just one client. Surely you deserve clients that are going to pay you properly. If you’re worried about money and not attracting the paying clients you want, the question you should be asking is "Can I afford not to do it?"

Q. But in my area the economy is really bad, how can I get more clients? People just don’t have the money...

A. Please do not let a recession get in the way of building your practice. I'm based near Hull, a notoriously depressed area of the UK – double the number of residents are on benefits compared with the UK average and it is said to be one of the hardest places to find a job, yet despite this I've built a thriving 6 figure practice.

In the UK, we also have the NHS (not medical insurance). This creates another potential barrier for clients’ willingness to pay for treatment as they expect their healthcare for free. Again this does not stop the successful therapist. I work extensively with NHS patients in a private capacity and I've not allowed this to affect her business. If I can see between 35-50 clients a week, and if can do it in this type of area, you can too.

With the right PR and positioning strategy, you can attract a steady stream of clients committed to change and willing to pay.  I have a number of business coaching clients in the UK, USA and Australia and the therapists following my advice are getting fantastic results and taking on extra therapists.

Q: How do I know this will work for me in my market?

A: If you follow the programme and do the ‘homework’, you will get RESULTS. My business training has worked for therapists across the world in many markets. However, you will be expected to take responsibility for your success.  Kate and I will show you which steps you must take and give you guidance along the way, but you must take action yourself.  The only difference between success and mediocre results in previous clients is ACTION TAKING and COMMITMENT.

However, if you’re a hypnotherapist committed to making a difference doing what you love, helping people and making more money and then THIS PROGRAMME IS FOR YOU!

Q: I’ve not started seeing clients yet. Will Practice Acceleration Mastermind work for me?

A: Many therapists aren’t doing the business basics (even if they know what they are!!) which why we cover getting started, getting out in your community and taking action. Specifically we cover how to attract clients and media coverage from scratch without spending any money on advertising!

Q: I’m already in business, is this course suitable for me?

A: If you already consistently attracting all the clients you want, paying the fees you expect, then probably not. If that is not the case, and you'd like learn my best strategies for attracting committed paying clients and market your practice effectively, then this is for you.

Secure Your Place Today

and get the very best price and bonuses!

Yes, I want to attract all the paying clients I want by learning the exact same strategies Sheila has used to create a 35-50 client a week practice and I want all the Extra Bonus marketing materials to Support My Therapy Business in 2015 and beyond

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Secure Your Place Today with the one off payment of Just £497.